Monday, June 29, 2009

Impressing Myself

Well, who'da thunk it (or how do you write that, anyway?)? I actually wrote some good posts back in the day when I didn't "really" blog. I'm kind of impressing myself right now just reading them. So I think I'll refer you to them and see if you're also impressed (not really, who knows...but at least it'll give you something to do if you're bored.)

This one about a particularly awful church meeting.

This one about a quote that applies to both environmentalism and ministry.

And, this one, a rant about toy recalls back from the days when Jack, who is now a toddler, was a little bitty and referred to as "Baby J."

Happy reading!


Songbird said...

That meeting story is a great one, in the sense of awful and great. It's the kind of thing you could put in a book of bad church moments, and people would say, "that didn't really happen, did it?" A neighboring pastor was once called a "bi!@&" by a Trustee; I'm sure it's a true story since it came from another Trustee who was shocked by it, but I still have trouble metabolizing it as truth.

Silent said...

Welcome to RevGals! Do you also know about Young Clergy Women (for ordained women under 35--I think). Go to to check it out. (That's the public site, but you can also apply for the private one--I think there's a page describing how to gain access.)

Barbara B. said...

Glad to have found your blog :)