Friday, July 03, 2009

Singer in My Soul

I think my brain is completely empty lately. Maybe it's the moving on from one place to another (though not yet, so I'm definitely in the "in between" time). Maybe it's that we leave for vacation tomorrow so I'm all twisted up with vacation-planning thinking and worries about whether or not I will forget anything (and HUGE amounts of negative brain power wasted thinking about how awful I'll look in a bathing suit this year). But anyway....

I offer up this poem/prayer by Joyce Rupp from Prayers to Sophia for nourishment both for myself and any readers this morning:

"Singer in My Soul"

Singer in my Soul!
I long for your song
in my empty heart.
Is there a place
where you can hang
your notes?
If not, whisper them,
in the thin air.

Chant little threads
of your wisdom
in the hollow spaces
of my emptiness.

Sing me the old stories
that strengthen me,
stories of your beauty,
tales of your compassion.

Enter into my day
with the tender press
of your unfailing love.

Singer in my Soul,
arouse my listless spirit
with the sweet sound
of your hidden presence,
and the gracious melody
of your continual kindness.

"There is a spirit in her that is...irresistible, beneficent, humane, steadfast, sure."
~Wisdom 7:22

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Barbara B. said...

very nice...