Friday, July 03, 2009

RevGals Friday Five: Closet Case

Okay, it's my first chance to play Friday Five since joining RevGalBlogPals, and I want to make sure I get the chance to play before going on vacation! (Also, packing for vacation is a great way to get thinking about all the crap you usually keep in your closet and how much you actually NEED...)

Today's questions:

1. Are you a hoarder, or are you good at sorting and clearing?
Little bit of both? I try really hard to keep my closet edited, but I have those things I just can't let go of. For example, I AM going to fit back into my "skinny" jeans someday, after I'm done having kids and whatnot. They're about two sizes smaller than I am right now, but they are definitely my goal jeans, and I think they're realistic. I try to use some of FlyLady's methods to help me sort through my closet, and I love the feeling of taking a big bag to one of the Salvation Army receptacles nearby. It's just that sometimes when I sort, I have trouble saying goodbye to something that's probably been in my closet for longer than necessary.

2. What is the oddest garment you possess and why?
Hmmm...oddest...I'm going to bring my husband in on this one, because I really don't have too many odd things. I really have tried to edit out the crazy, never-gonna-wear-it odd stuff. However, he hangs onto things more than I do, including 4 insanely ugly (I would love to show pictures if I weren't in the throes of packing for the beach) Hawaiian floral shirts that he won't throw away because "his grandma gave them to him and they hold sentimental value." Seriously. If you knew my husband, you'd know that's a bunch of bunk. He actually likes them. That's the scary thing.

3. Do you have a favourite look/colour?
I admit, I have a lot of black and grey. You just can't go wrong. I'm really trying to edit my closet so that I have a "look" to some degree, and that I have some classy pieces. My goal, once I begin at my full-time call, is to purchase some nice J.Crew cashmere after I start getting larger regular paychecks (an increase from working part-time for the last 7 months or so.) I think I look pretty decent in winter, with lots of nice sweaters and good pants, but in summer my look kind of goes downhill with too many flimsy t-shirts. I want to do more pulled-together short-sleeved sweaters and shells, and nice capris or long pants, not so many jeans and t-shirts when I'm trying to be professional!

4. Thrift/ Charity shops, love them or hate them?
I don't hate them, but I don't frequent them. I have some good friends who've gotten tremendous buys, but I am not a digger, and so I often avoid them unless I'm really in the mood to hunt for something good. It would probably be worth my time to become more frequent at them, though, even for household items. My friend just found a brand-new Kitchenaid stand mixer for only $100 at our local Goodwill!

5. Money is no object, what one item would you buy?
Well, I am going to say this even though I don't even know if I'd like them...but I've heard so much about Lanvin flats that I'd have to splurge on a pair. I would hope that they'd fit my feet nicely and be like walking on clouds and all the lovely things that people say about them. (If they didn't work out, I might have to chase down a Marc Jacobs bag.)

Well, I hope I made a decent go of the Friday Five! Looking forward to playing again in two weeks -- you probably won't hear much from me until at least next Saturday, if not later in the week of July 13th.

Blessings to everyone on the 4th of July weekend!

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