Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Baby J Will Have No Toys

Good gracious, another ginormous recall. (I heard about this recall of 9 million Mattel toys on CNN, but you can also check it out on the CPSC site.) I think we'll just make toys for Baby J ourselves.

So far, we haven't been affected by any of the recalls that have come about in recent weeks, but I'm just waiting.

Too bad the lead in the paint that's causing the recalls isn't iron instead. Apparently Baby J is iron deficient. I've been trying to give him iron drops for the past week of so, and it's a nasty experience for both of us. (Plus, did you know that iron oxidizes when it's out of the bottle; i.e., now there are weird brown spots all over my bedspread from where drops of it were seemingly invisibly flung, only to leave their mark hours later...) So today I have to take the poor lad to have additional blood drawn to do a more complete lab workup to see if he really needs the iron supplement of if he's just "borderline."

I really hope there is a way to increase his iron without the drops. Isn't it better to get nutrients from food anyway, instead of supplements? I just need to be more intentional about what he eats. I feel like a total tool in the feeding department these days anyway. Being on 100% breastmilk was soooo much easier. Now I'm worried that I all the good I did breastfeeding will be for naught because he's eating so sporadically with table food.

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