Friday, August 03, 2007

All Natural Breast(milk) Enhancement

Heh heh. I crack myself up.

Anyway, I am just so impressed by the results I am getting from taking Blessed Thistle & Fenugreek herbs to beef up (ummm, that sounds weird, doesn't it...) my milk supply -- too many bovine references...

Sorry, I guess I make it hard to find out the point, huh? Well, Baby J is 9 months old, and I'd really like to make it to 12 months with nursing, if not beyond at least at bedtime, or with pumped milk in a cup. But I had been feeling like my milk supply was dwindling, so I called lactation and they recommended taking Blessed Thistle & Fenugreek supplements, and they really work!

When I pump, I usually am lucky if I clear three ounces (and yes, that's on both breasts). This morning, I got more than 5! Feels like a miracle to me.

Ever since Baby J was just a few weeks old, we've had to supplement with formula because there have been times when I just didn't seem to have enough milk for him. So the stigma of formula supplementation was broken for us way long ago. But I still hate having to give him too much of it, and would love to have a surplus of milk if ever possible.

Of course, I'm not trying to sell anything, and this is no kind of product endorsement, I just had to write about how well these herbs work for me in case there are any readers (reader? just one? please?) who might be struggling with milk supply and could use a boost.

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