Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Behold, I Do a New Thing!" -- A Dramatic Confession

Feeling a bit emboldened by the Holy Spirit the other week, I wrote this dramatic Prayer of Confession, to be read in three voices during worship. We presented it this past Sunday; I don't know if anyone liked it, but I did get some goosebumps partway through, so at least I was getting something out of it...

In case anyone else might be able to make use of it, here you go:

Behold, I do a new thing!

Really, God, seriously? I’ve lived on this earth, day after day from my beginning, and especially at times like these, when the winter days are long and dark and cold, I don’t see these new possibilities you’re talking about.

Behold, I do a new thing!

God, I’m telling you, I can’t see these new things you’re talking about. I go to work each day, come home and cook dinner each night, then we go to bed, get a few hours of sleep, wake up the next morning and do it all over again. Do you see our lives? They’re so monotonous!

Behold, I do a new thing!

God, you’re quite exasperating, repeating this phrase over and over again, as though saying the same thing another time is going to make a difference. What newness do you promise? All around us we see death, suffering, grief, pain. We turn on the television and see destruction, hopelessness, and hurt. I fail to see how this “new thing” you’re suggesting is real.

Behold, I do a new thing!

God, once again--

What about the new baby born in your cousin’s family?

What about the long-lost relative who recently reconnected with you?

What about the beautiful sunshine last Friday after too many days of snow?

What about the crocuses, waiting to bloom in a few months?

All these things are new…all these things are exciting…all these things are different…and all these things are of God.

Well, maybe you have a point. I mean, I’ve seen the pictures my cousin forwarded me of the new baby. He’s so precious, with his pink, puffy cheeks. And it was great to hear from my mother’s Aunt Mildred; we thought we’d never find her after she moved out west thirty years ago! It was so wonderful to learn of all that she’s been up to in these recent years. And yeah, I was so glad to see the sun after days of snow. And, I do like crocuses; I can’t wait for Spring…

Behold, I do a new thing!

God, forgive me that I sometimes get so bogged down in the dailiness of my life that I fail to see the new things that you ARE doing. Sometimes it seems like we really have to dig for it, but when we look deeply, we can see your hand at work. I’m sorry that sometimes all I see are my own two feet, trudging along; the loads of laundry, waiting to be folded; the dog, tracking in mud from the yard. You are still there, even when these mundane things threaten to take over my mind. I know you are there. I believe it.

Behold, I do a new thing! I am always with you; I am always creating new opportunities for you, new possibilities. Even when it seems hard to find me, I promise, I’m there. Don’t worry, my child, I forgive you; I understand how busy you are and how much the world asks of you. I don’t fault you for this. I just want you to know how much I love you, and I want you to know how available I am to you. I am doing new things all the time, and I want you to join with me in appreciating them! Be at peace, and rest in my assurance. I will bless you and keep you, all of your days.


Songbird said...

I like it!
I believe in mixing things up; even when it seems to be received in neutral, the Spirit does Her work with it.

Sarah said...

I love it because it puts us in conversation with God in a very real and tangible way - something that prayers that are long, monotonous and use big words often miss.

I will e-mail you this weekend with more details on my project!!