Tuesday, March 02, 2010


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This may be the most boring post you'll ever read from me if you have no remote interest in swimming or fitness, but for my own sake (and maybe for posterity's sake), I am posting the swimming yardage that I did this morning.

It makes me feel good to harken back to my high school swim team days and think in this kind of structure about swimming.

1 x 100 yd freestyle (with flip-turns!)
1 x 50 yd pull (just arms)
1 x 50 yd kick
1 x 50 yd backstroke
1 x 50 yd breaststroke
1 x 100 yd freestyle (with flip-turns again!)
(all of the above 2 x's total) = 1000 yards

bonus 100 yd = 25 yd freestyle sprint followed by 50 yd freestyle easy then final 25 yd freestyle sprint

Whew! 1100 yards in about 35 minutes this morning! Onwards and upwards!

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