Saturday, February 13, 2010

peeling potatoes

I find this recipe hilarious. I'll post the full text here, but here's the link to the post by Miss Conduct.

Here's the recipe:

1. Bell peppers. stuffable. and by stuffable i mean no funky shapes.
2. potatoes (didn’t see that coming did you). any kind. really.
3. onion (if you like)
4. salt
5. oil

preheat the oven to 350 at some point during this process.

1. get some bell peppers. pick your colour. if you’re not afraid of sweetness go for the orange or yellow. otherwise do red or green or hell, mix it up. make one of each and pick your favorite.

2. potatoes! peel them (google it) and then cut them into little squares. how little? this little. left over potatoes are not a big deal, i’ll tell you what to do with those at the end.

3. if you like onion, peel one that’s smaller then a bell pepper and grate it. then squeeze the grated bits to drain them (this is fun and not at all gross). then put those… on the side somewhere… the onion is a nice addition but won’t make or break the dish. [Note from Robin: I usually also season the potatoes with paprika and dill.]

4. drain the potatoes. then add oil, salt, and drained grated onion if you like, mix it all together and then stuff the peppers. when you stuff them, stuff them loosely – you don’t need to shove the potatoes in there. but fill up the peppers and then place them on the side in an oiled baking pan. your hands will get oily, so rub the pepper before putting it down in the pan. if you have any extra potatoes just spill them around the peppers. they get all nice and crunchy and i like them.

5. bake for about an hour.

6. when you put the peppers in your plate and cut them all up and stuff… douse them in SOUR CREAM. this is the most important part. SOUR CREAM. ok… maybe not… some people would disagree with me, but that’s because they are FOOLS.

Okay, I LOVE this recipe. (And please don't worry about why this paragraph is indented; I cannot figure out formatting with this daggone blogger program, and if I worry about it too much, I will not blog at all, so we shall just live with it.)

Anyway, I love this recipe not for the ingredients or the finished product, but because of the way it is so generously worded and the storytelling within the recipe.

I also love it because it discusses GOOGLING PEELING POTATOES!

I know longer feel alone in my un-domesticity. The interwebs, they comfort me.

The church I serve is even more rural and slightly old-fashioned than I realized when I accepted the call there, and that's no problem. It reminds me a lot of my childhood, and my grandma, and her Farm Women club and the Mother-Daughter banquets we used to attend with her.

But sometimes I don't think they get how undomesticated I am, and I admit, I'm not too keen on exposing my myriad lacks of domesticity.

For example, every time there is a fifth Tuesday in a month, they have "Soup Kitchen," which means they make scads of turkey pies which are then donated to a local soup kitchen for the next day's luncheon meal. I enjoy helping to peel the potatoes for soup kitchen; it's a time to be with the lay people who help with this mission, and to hear what's happening in their lives, while keeping my hands busy, which is great for keeping me from getting bored or fidgety.

I'll never forget one of the times when I showed up to help, and one of the older ladies said, because some of the folks peel their potatoes wet, and others peel them dry, that I didn't need to worry about those other folks, I should just peel my potatoes "the way you [I] peel them at home." Guffaw. Does she know the last time I have PEELED a single, solitary potato in this house?

But I feel better. Because if others are Googling how to peel potatoes, I am not alone. Thanks be to God! :)

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Juniper said...

thanks for the recipe.

and -- I'm not much of a cook either, but this looks like something I could do - I went over and read the recipe and it looks like she uses nonfat yogurt, which might also be yummy :)