Monday, February 06, 2006

Against the Clock

Well, I have been wanting to post lately, but since I preached yesterday in church and was on pretty constant work on my sermon all last week, I didn't feel like doing any extra writing. Now I am against the clock before Blogger does it scheduled maintenance in 13 minutes! Talk about pressure!

Update on knitting: Alyssa and I are both almost done with our Fuzzy Feet! We'll soon have four identical feet (two pairs, duh) and are about to begin a felted bag Wednesday night! Hurray, something new to work on! I'm also hoping to finish up the Angry Throw this week, so that I can give it to Dear FIL soon. He knows it's coming, and I think he's looking forward to it (or at least I'm looking forward to giving it to him and being rid of it!)

I'm thinking, really thinking, about trying to do the Forecast KAL (sorry for no hyperlinks, but you know, the time thing)...see String Bean's blog for more info. I think I might be up for it, and it would be a foray into the sweater-knitting world! It won't be for the Knitting Olympics (too much pressure, yeesh), but just for my own working. Bobblicious is still a consideration, though.

By the way, Gavin DeGraw is just amazing. I have to tell you. I've been listening to him almost non-stop, and almost every song I hear is awesome. I could listen to him sing all day :)

Have a great week, and I'll try to post more this week (and some more exciting things, like cute kitty pics!)

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