Saturday, December 01, 2007

afraid to look

Well, tomorrow morning I will be jumping back on the scale and getting back on the horse (poor, poor horsey) with Weight Watchers. I let myself have one more day of completely terrible eating today since the day started in Vermont and was a travel day (and I had one more Starbucks holiday drink to try, so I know which one is deserving of my points -- the verdict: Peppermint Mocha (not White Chocolate though, waaaay too sweet!)...although I didn't try Eggnog, anyone have any ideas?)

Anyway, I'll be facing the number that appears to me tomorrow and working on trying to make it go lower this week.

Vermont was AWESOME. I highly recommend the Mad River Valley area to anyone looking for a low-key vacation idea (although we were there in the off-season and didn't ski, what with the Baby J in tow and might be more nuts once ski season is in full swing). If you go to Waterbury, there is a totally awesome little bar called The Alchemist. Brews their own beer and has great food. Definitely forget any dieting for the day and get the pub fries with garlic mayo and homemade ketchup. Baby J loved the garlic mayo! Who knew?

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