Friday, November 23, 2007

Monty Vermonty, Here We Come

My husband and I cannot have any topic in the house without having to give it a nickname. Remind me sometime to tell you why we call each other "Pete."

Anyway, so we're going to Vermont (aka Monties) tomorrow for a week, our first whole vacation without any grandmotherly assistance. I hope we can survive the week! Maybe we'll be back on Wednesday instead of Saturday...

When we get back, I promsie to post more often. So, you, my loyal readers (heh heh) will have something to look forward to! I think I will also regale you with tales of my new Weight Watchers commitment (see, even without telling you, I have lost 21 lbs in the last 7 weeks!) except this week, and next, I am totally off the wagon, so it'll feel like starting over on December 1. Anyway, maybe it will help me to bore you with details of my food diary. Yippee!

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