Saturday, June 16, 2007

No. No. Wrong, That's Wrong

These were the words of the nurse from the Public Health office when she called yesterday to follow up and see how Baby J was doing with the rabies shots. Except, well, I couldn't really lie (I just can't, I'm really bad at it and I always get caught) so I told her that when we went to the clinic the doctor didn't feel they were necessary, etc. from yesterday's post, blah blah blah, and that's when she said No. No. Wrong, That's Wrong. So I had her call the clinic to duke it out because I was not about to get in the middle of it, and after much research and talking to various helpful and un-helpful people, we decided that the right thing to do would be to just get the shots.

So he had two yesterday. My dear sister (of the non-blogging set so sorry I can't link to her) went to the clinic with me, and poor Baby J got one long shot (it seemed like it took the nurse forever to push the plunger in the syringe!) in each thigh. He cried and it hurt, but he recovered quite well. Was running a little fever this morning, but I called the ped and they said it wasn't a big deal since it hadn't even hit 102. So I guess we're doing the right thing.

All I could think about was Meredith's stepmother on Grey's Anatomy when she had the surgery for her hiccups and then died of an infection. But a doctor from the State Public Health dept assured me that this round of vaccines carries no more risk than the standard vaccines that they little guy has to get anyway. So, just keep us in your thoughts and prayers, and I'm sure we'll make it through.

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