Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year. New blog.

So, I'm ready to be a grown-up with this blog, I think. I do have another one...well, I don't know if it's truly a blog, or if it should just be called what it is. A Xanga. If you want to see it, feel free. I think it's kinda goofy, and with reason; it's the way I communicate with the kids I work with at church. I'm a youth director (not your typical, by the way) and so I talk to the kids on the Xanga, and I mostly write as if I'm writing to them. But I felt the need to have a grown-up blog, where I could talk about the things that I love without the kids thinking I'm too weird or old. I want a place where I can write about knitting and crocheting, my newest obsessions; about makeup, my oldest obsession; about life and my husband and work and school and maybe here and there I might end up using some profanity and that would be okay.

So, that's me, tonight, with my new blog for the New Year.

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AngeliasKnitting said...

Yay! A blog! Way to go!! I look forward to meeting you at Stitch-N-Bitch.

Enjoy your new blog.