Thursday, January 19, 2006

Gratuitous Kitty

Here is a silly picture of my dear kitty cat, Bourque (remember the part about her being named after the French-Canadian hockey player...) Anyway, she likes bags sooooo much, and she was having an especially fun time in the bag on the night this pic was taken. We always cut the handles of the bags because she likes to get stuck in them, and we don't want any severed kitty bellies in our house.

In other fun things, the Fuzzy Feet are back on the needles and better than ever! Had a fun night of knitting tonight with Alyssa (blogless I can't link her...) and she showed me how to pick up stitches with FAR less trouble than I had been having before. I've realized that frogging my feet where I was before was actually a blessing because they were way more messed up than I even realized. I think that half of the stitches I was supposed to pick up had never been picked up, so if I had "completed" one of the feet, I probably would have found major errors and been even more upset about redoing them.

To those who asked, yes, the other night, Yarn Harlot and a bubble bath worked wonders. Things are fine between DH and me, and tomorrow is Jacquie's birthday dinner! All in all, a good end to a pretty good week. Hurray!!!

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