Monday, January 16, 2006

Frogged the Frickin' Feet

Grrr...I am cranky. I had to frog my Fuzzy Feet back to square one (I haven't even cast on again yet) because when I tried to switch over to DPNs, I somehow REALLY screwed them up, and when trying to fix what I had screwed up doing that, I realized there were a bunch more errors, like dropped stitches and stitches from doing the heel turn that I had never picked up, that just sat there...those crazy little mocking loops...and so I tried to fix it back to a point where I could begin again. But, that was not enough. There were still issues. So I decided, heck with it, and just frogged back to nothingness, or, at most, the ball of yarn. I'll cast on again tomorrow and try to get back to where I have to pick up those rascally stitches. I also will study many tutorials about DPNs before attempting to go that route again. I'm not sure I can make it past that point without assistance, or an intervention of some sort. I'll chalk it up to practice.

Also, husband is mad at me for something from ancient history (I think) and my left eyeball hurts. I think it's time to call it a night. Hopefully a bubble bath and Yarn Harlot will make me feel better...


Jacquie said...

Hey, do you want to go to first friday at Uncommon Threads in February? I am not sure that I love the project, but I am dying to take a class, so - let me know. And sorry to hear about your fuzzy feet- that is beyond frustrating!

AngeliasKnitting said...

It's so frustrating to have to frog!

Surely, reading the Yarn Harlot helped???

Good luck witht he next Fuzzy Feet cast on.