Saturday, January 14, 2006

Cleaning Leads to Fighting

At least it does in my house. I don't mind cleaning up my stuff, but sometimes I don't enjoy cleaning up my husband's stuff. So, I start cleaning like a banshee on a Saturday morning, and inevitably, five minutes later, I'm biting my husband's head off. Today the biting had to do with kitty litter in particular. So...that wasn't nice. But at least we talked about it; it's okay.

In other fun things that we're going to do today, I get some Tiffany!!! This may make me sound incredibly high-maintenance (more on that some other day) but it's the Tiffany silver that I'm craving, so it's really not that bad, I swear!

This is the ring I think I might be getting:

And I might buy these earrings for myself:

We'll have to see how everything looks in person. So far we've just been shopping online, but it will be fun to go together. Oh, by the way, another thing that keeps this whole deal from being too high maintenance is that the ring is technically my Christmas present from my hubby, and in addition, yesterday was my birthday!!!!!! So I should get some goodies, right???

Anyway, I have to go because I have to get a shower soon (in my newly clean shower -- yay!) and go to my nail appointment. So that sounds high maintenance. Let's just add to it -- one of the songs I can't get enough of right now is "Conceited" by Remy Ma. You have to check it out, but it's bad....

I almost forgot: I got my shipment from KnitPicks today! I'm so excited to read books from the Yarn Harlot and to knit with my new supplies! Check out my goodies:

Additionally, I just found out that this week is National De-Lurking Week.

Here is a super-cool button that goes with this is bound to become a permanent part of this blog, long after this week is past.

So anyway, I think I'll wrap it up...on with that shower!

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AngeliasKnitting said...

Happy Birthday!! You do deserve your Christmas & Birthday presents...and jewelry works!

I love the de-lurking buttons, too. I like the idea of a permanent one.

Isn't it nice to get boxes with knitting stuff in them??? :o)