Thursday, October 25, 2012

I did it!

I finished the Hershey Half Marathon on Sunday in 02:31:53.920! Whew! Who needs all those numbers? Hopefully the next time I run a half, I will shave at least 2 minutes off the time. I'd love to finish under 2:30. So don't need that extra .920 of information!

The race was fun; perfect weather; felt pretty good. By the end, my knees were killing me.  But here, starting out, I was still pretty happy:

I'm running there with Patty, which is super cool because we did a lot of our training runs together, so it was great to spend time with her on the actual day of the race.  You know, this may actually be at the end of the run now that I think about it, because she looks so happy! Ha!

There are also some awful race pics of me that my team can see, from a professional photographer who graciously donated pictures he took for us to download for free. However, you will not get to see those crazy pics here :)

Here's one more, where I think I actually kind of look like a "real" runner!

Thanks to everyone who support me, thought about me, and helped me fundraise for this goal! It was amazing, and I certainly plan to run another half-marathon shortly...maybe April of 2013? Who's with me???


terryb61 said...

Wow, wow, and WOW! Way to go, Sarah! Great job! And just over 2:30 for your first time? Very cool! You. Are. Awesome!!!!!

Martha Spong said...

Go, you!