Sunday, March 11, 2012

recommended reading

I entirely love this article.

Especially this part nailed me on the head, as I must unfortunately admit:

"We also live in a competitive society, and so by lamenting our overwork and sleep deprivation -- even if that requires workweek inflation and claiming our worst nights are typical -- we show that we are dedicated to our jobs and our families. Being 'busy' and 'starved for time' is a way to show we matter. Put another way, it makes us feel important."


Martha Spong said...

It's so true. I lived like that for a long time, trying to validate myself. I had to get really sick (and with something that won't go away) to recognize that how busy I could stay was not a good metric for valuing myself, in fact not even a possible metric.
It's very hard when you are in a demanding job and have a young family, as you do right now.

Vicki Hesse said...

I really like the reframe from "I am too busy" to "It's not a priority for me." Thanks for sharing the article! Vicki