Monday, October 03, 2011

thanks for the challenge

LinkToday I am thankful for several blogs that are run/written by Hugh Hollowell, one of my favorite people to follow on Twitter and to read online. Since I "met" him on Twitter a year or two ago, links that he's posted, articles that he's written, and challenges he's put forth on Twitter to help those in need have stretched me in my faith and in putting action behind my beliefs. Today, I read the following posts/articles that he either wrote or linked to, and they, once again, stretched me. So, today I am thankful to Hugh for the challenge.


Visiting the Prisoner

Why I Help Addicts Shoot Up (side note: I really didn't want to read this article, but taking Hugh's recommendation that it was one of the best he'd read in the last year, I did, and I'm glad for it.)

Also, if you feel moved to action, Love Wins could definitely use your support. Hugh works tirelessly to have a ministry of presence and friendship with those he meets, and he writes candidly about his work and his journey. Sometimes he loses support because those who had been providing it disagree with something he's written (probably something that stretches them beyond where they want to go!) and so I know that Love Wins would value your support if you can spare it.

Image by mtsofan on flickr.

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