Monday, December 06, 2010

reverb 10: day six: make (AKA I love my Keurig!)

reverb 10

December 6
Make: What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it?

Okay, I'm going to take this very literally: the last thing that I made was a cup of Keurig coffee.
And I love my Keurig. My husband calls it "each-man-for-himself" coffee (which he says very pejoratively.) However, it is wonderful thing. We have one at church and we have one, now, at home (we also have a 10-cup maker...we are definitely a coffee-drinking couple.)

Anyway, I am not (most certainly not!) being paid by Keurig to write this, but I confess that I take any opportunity to gush about Keurig, and I also don't make very much stuff, so this is my chance to tell you what I do make.

Now, to be real. I would love, love, LOVE to get back into knitting again. But I would also like to read lots and lots of books that I haven't read that are on my shelf. I would like to knit a scarf, or something wonderful, or something that I can show off on this blog, even if it's a travel mug cozy for my Starbucks.

But I don't know when I will get to do any of this, because, alas, I have two small and active children. And they are a handful. And my son demands every ounce of attention until he falls asleep at night, which is not early enough for me to keep my peepers open after he finally crashes. So I read about a page or two of one of the many books on my pile, and then I read with one eye, and then I read with no eyes. And so I certainly don't think knitting will make a reappearance in my life any time soon. But a girl can dream....

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Anonymous said...

We are sounding more and more like we are twins separated at birth. I just started knitting again this summer after not knitting for about 35 years. I did do some knitting with a knitting machine - but that was making sweaters and scarves for sports teams that I designed and sold. Knitting with a machine for money bears no resemblance to knitting for yourself and/or family in the evenings. Hang in there. Eventually the kiddos will grow up and you'll get your evenings back. Then you'll reclaim the joy of knitting for pleasure.