Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Son of a Preacher-Mom

Oh, the things I can just imagine continuing to come out of my children's mouth since they're exposed to me as both a mom (woman, of course) and the church and sayings of the church.

Just spoken by Little Guy (who will be 3 exactly one month from today) while he was looking at the razor I bought at Target today: *cue singsong voice* "When you have a new razor, give it to Christ the Lord..."

Oh my goodness. Too funny.


Jennifer said...

Wow! That's awesome!
My SBC was three when I overheard him playing in his room with his action figures in a circle and Batman in the center. He was conducting a memorial service, saying "We are here to remember a good guy. Batman was our friend. Let us remember him."
Oh, my!

Songbird said...

Love this story!

Curate Karen said...

"When you have a new razor, give it to Christ the Lord" - - How cute!!!

The worst is when my kids (often) say to me, "I thought ministers were supposed to be NICE!"...


p.s. thanks for visiting my blog, Sarah!