Friday, July 31, 2009

random baby shoe lust

I've been feeling bad that I didn't post that much this week, so, here's one for you: it's totally not related to ministry, but I knew I shouldn't have clicked the link in the email that I got from See Kai Run. You see why?

I had several pairs for Jack, and now he's beyond their normal line, and they hadn't created the "Smaller" line when he was that small (thank you Jesus, my wallet is very glad about that.)

But, alas, I have discovered them for Irene, and I already have more than she needs.

I'm sure this pair is going to just add to the shoe chaos, and the money-spending. Good thing I'm working full-time again!

(And just in case you're wondering, I am not getting any money to write about this -- it's a combination of lack-of-posting guilt and baby-shoe-drooling that is compelling me to do this. However, if the good people at See Kai Run are feeling generous....ahem....)


Songbird said...

Those are really cute. I feel your pain.

Juniper said...

man, giving up the cute baby shoes has got to be the hardest thing about seeing them get bigger, imho.