Friday, March 21, 2008

Dear Blog...

I am a flaky one, I know. I promise you that I will write, and then I don't even call, text, or stop by. I only come to you when I need something. I only drop in when I have a problem, to tell you about it, and you listen so nicely and allow me to vent. Please forgive me, dearest blog. I will try to be more faithful and consistent.

But today, I am once again pissed off! This whole Obama/Jeremiah Wright thing is nuts. And then they're showing Bill Clinton shaking hands. Why? I only wish I had that much authority in someone's life as a pastor.

Don't people realize that church members may choose a church because of the CHURCH, not always the pastor? Yeah, I know that Wright is more than just the guy up front to Obama, that he was a close advisor, that he was even involved in the campaign, but still...he's not the Pope, and Obama's not Catholic.

Nextly, doesn't anyone realize that Rev. Wright is retired? That a lot of the comments that have circulated on the web are really old, especially in this media day? I don't even know what Wright has said recently, they are all so jumbled together and no one takes the time to specifically designate the date of the quotes being presented.

And furthermore, why can't white people (yes I am white) deal with the fact that black people get pissed off at the way they are treated, and the way the system works against them in this country? YES, it DOES happen like that.

Last night, before our Maundy Thursday worship service, I made the mistake of opening a letter that I thought was just someone's offering contribution. Instead, it was a letter from two church members WHO NEVER COME saying that they would like their names dropped from our roles because of Rev. Wright's comments, that they no longer want to be part of the UCC. Well, I know intellectually that they probably were just looking for a way to make their leaving the church about US not THEM, but it still pissed me off. Especially because they typed the letter and said that it is because of Rev. Wrights "racist rants" (in bold font) that they are leaving. Whatever.

Anyway, maybe I'll be around here more often, dear blog, because it's going to be a tumultuous time, I just know it. I might need you as a shoulder to cry on. I'll try to also come around with other thoughts and ideas, not just the ranty ones, but I do appreciate your being there for me.

Love ya...

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