Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I Agree...and I'm Guilty

This article on Babble really makes a lot of good points. I hope you go take a look at it, but in case you can't or don't want to, here is the graphic that goes along with it:

I am definitely guilty of a lot of what Katie Allison Granju is writing about here -- but I also always think that I fall short, and perhaps that falling-short-ness actually helps my son a little bit. I know I was relieved to read this article on Babycenter which talks about a little bit of dust and dirt in the atmosphere (and is it just me, or do you also, every time you hear/see the word "atmosphere" start thinking, "Brrrrr, it's cold in here, there must be some Toros in the atmosphere..." and no I wasn't a cheerleader in high school either -- but I digress) being good for the baby and helping him to develop antibodies and such.

I always worry about my house not being childproofed enough. But it's hard! We have waaaay too much stuff, and I'm working on that, but I think it's ridiculous to cover up every single furniture corner or sharp edge ever. I just have to watch Baby J everywhere he goes. But I don't think I would want to just let him roam free, even if I knew that a room were as childproofed as physically possible. I mean, he could still fall, bump his head, knock into a wall (you seriously cannot go around padding those, I mean, come on), etc. So I watch him. And I think it's going alright so far.

I am guilty of wanting fancy strollers, even though hardly anyone where I live cares. All the moms in my Gymboree group have Gracos, and we all live with it. The travel system is the way to go. But I would love to have the fancy pants Quinny, even though I can't find a good pic to add to this post to save my life!

Anyway, I know that it doesn't matter what kind of STUFF I buy for Baby J, or which books I read about/for him, it matters that I am available to him and loving to him, but set good limits and provide appropriate discipline, etc. So I think I will have to just hang in on that. Because I cannot be maxing out credit cards just to buy him a stroller.

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