Saturday, June 02, 2007

I keep wanting to post, but then I think...hmm, what if someone knows it's me and I'm posting something inappropriate, or...well, nobody will read what I post anyway (which is still probably true at this stage of the game), but I've decided that I want to post more often just because sometimes I have good ideas, etc., and I want to talk about them. So there.

Anyway, today's project is deciding where to order little J's new t-shirt. My mom wants to get it for him, since she calls him "lovebug" and this great shirt from Kee-ka has a little lovebug on it.

I always spend way too much time deciding where to order items...trying to find things on sale, with free shipping, etc. Probably, if time really is money, then I'm spending waaaaay too much just to find deals when I should just plunk down the cash at the first place I look. Oh well, I'm off to keep doing my research...

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