Sunday, May 21, 2006

Not Dead...And Then Some

Not only am I not dead, many exciting things are happening which I feel more like writing about now than I did yesterday.

#1 How do I make an announcement like this??? ...Well, I guess I just say it...I'm preggies! 17 weeks as of yesterday, to be exact. According to, the baby is now the length of a large onion. Very strange to think of one's growing child as a spicy vegetable (and a round one...these fruit and vegetable comparisons are generally very weird...when do we reach a banana, which is actually a "length" fruit?) Anyway, this is generally very exciting and at the same time very panic-inducing

#2 Graduation! (Or, as we like to say, and I'll have to spell it out phonetically here so you get it with me: Graj-ee-ay-shun) I guess it would be spelled gradiation, but that is something else...anyway, I digress.

See below for the too-cute picture of me and sweet hubby. He was such a doll on graduation day, and I could tell he actually was really proud of me, which was very sweet.

So I now have a Master of Divinity degree. Woo hoo. Supposed to be more divine? Let me tell ya, in the past week, I have felt anything but. We'll see how all of this shapes up. Hopefully, one day I will be working in a church, but till then, I'm sucking it up in Corporate America. It was way more fun when I was Corporate America-ing just 20 hours a week. Now I'm full-time, which was what I pushed and pushed and pushed for, and I don't know how I like it. Oh well, I have to go back tomorrow, and I need the money, so I guess I best just keep my trap shut about it.

#3 Knitting again! Just yesterday I started the Irish Hiking Scarf, which is much fun and my first taste of cables. I'm using Lamb's Pride (every single time I try to spit it out, I say "Lion's Pride," but luckily I caught myself before hitting publish...) in a heathered brown color, so I think this one will be for aforementioned sweet husband for this winter.

My problem is that I have a gazillion skeins of Malabrigo that I've gotten from various eBay vendors, but not enough of one color to make any projects that I've found so far on the web. Grrr. I can't figure out what I want to do with all this yarn except to drool over it. If anyone has any ideas for two-three skein projects, let me know! I really don't want the yarn to "go to waste" (if that is possible), and I know it will be gorgeous to work with, so I would like to actually make something out of it. I looked in the One Skein book, but none of their projects are particularly appealing. And everything else I find requires too much yarn. I think I have learned my lesson with buying random single skeins with no project in sight (yeah, right). I wish.

Anyway, that's a quick update into my currently crazy and often extraordinarily stressful life, for the moment. But DH just started playing "Sweet Caroline" on his laptop to test its CD-playing capacities, so for now that is enough to smile about. See y'all later...

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String Bean said...

Congratulations! That's such great news.
I've never heard of comparing babies to vegetables before. Hm. Interesting, to say the least.

Congrats, again!