Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's Otra Vez

So, what is it about the actual "holiday" status of Valentine's that causes couples to ruin it for each other? Or maybe that's only my husband and me. Any time an event/date is hepped up as something "special," we find a way to end it with a giant fight, then go to bed, each of us clutching our own side of the mattress. Yes, that is what happened last night.

But, we're trying again. I'm going to surprise my husband when he gets home with a do-over of Valentine's, and, because it's not actually February 14 anymore, I think this one will go well!

In other exciting knitting-related news, I dropped waaaaaay too much money tonight at my LYS. Bought three skeins of Steadfast Fibers (sorry for no hyperlinks, but DH is due home ASAP) in "Carrot Cake" to make a poncho (I hope!), two skeins of silky wool for a hat for DH, a skein of Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride worsted in Brown Heather to match another that I have to try out the Irish Hiking Scarf, two knitting mags,, I think that's it! But it's okay; today was payday and I think it'll keep me in budget. I just need to slow down on the massive eBay purchases of Malabrigo!!!!

Hope everyone (else) had a good Valentine's, and, if not, try, try again!


Jacquie said...

Which LYS were you at? And, I want to see some of the malibrigo. Now- a quick question- Coffee next Thursday before class? let me know!

String Bean said...

I have a knack for being horrible around holidays. I have no idea why. Must be natural talent.

I take everyone down with me, too. Mwah ha ha.

My god, I really am an Animal.