Friday, February 24, 2006

Bad Poster!

Wow! I can't believe it's been over a week since my last post. It's a testimony to how overly-freakin'-busy I've been lately that I haven't even barely had time to think about posting, or anyone else's blogs, in the past week. What a crazy time! This week was African American Heritage Celebration at school, and I always participate in pretty much everything that goes on during this annual celebration week. So, that kept me REALLY busy. Plus work picked up, and I gave my notice that I'm leaving my church job, so it was a really full week. Please other things in the mix that I will be updating on in the upcoming weeks.

Anyway, thanks to all my sock supporters!!! I hope to cast on the socks this week. I've been a total non-knitter lately, with the exception of starting the hoodie that Alyssa and I are working on together (sorry, no pics or links, it's in the VERY early stages), that I was knitting during my ultra-boring World Religions class on Wednesday afternoon. It has taught me that I am a supremo yarn snob -- knitting with Malabrigo or any other 100% wool, even Lamb's Pride, is a world of difference from Caron's One-Pounder of 100% acrylic! I can barely stand it! Oh well, though, it will give me a cheapo sweater, and it's a good yarn for my first sweater, which will probably be an interesting creation in and of itself.

Stringbean, darlin', I don't think I'm up for Forecast yet...maybe sometime when I've got a little bit less going on!!! Right now, I'm doing the I-cord for my felted bag (I must REALLY be an idiot because I had to frog it after the first try!!!!!) and hoping to get that sewn up this weekend, and then I'll be casting on the socks to work on while I plug away at the hoodie.

More cute kitty pics coming soon! Have a great weekend!


AngeliasKnitting said...

I hope you're able to do some knitting this weekend! Good luck with the socks...and with that i-cord.

String Bean said...

You sound so busy! Knit or don't knit Forecast - it's okay. I'm not going to hunt you down and force you to knit it.

I just bought more sock yarn! Ack!

I have tricky times with I-cord, too. Take your time, be calm. Ohhmmmm... I am the zen master...